Sand Playset – Kinetic Sand with Castle Molds

Find a Good Beach Alternative for Kids

        Kids usually love playing on sandy beaches. Making castles, running around, and immersing themselves in the sand are often their favorite activities. But it is difficult to take your children out to the beach every weekend, especially when you have a hectic work life and other chores to handle.

        What if you could bring their favorite sand to your home? There would be no time limits for making the desired castle or designing what they have imagined. All this is possible through the Sand Playset.

How can Kinetic Sand be Helpful for Parents?

       Kinetic Sand is just like beach sand, cool but non-sticky. This amazing gift contains 3lbs of sand in a box. Natural, non-toxic, and non-drying sand is sure to make your kids happy.

        Your kids will feel on the beach if you let them spread it out in the garage area, getting the sunlight. It can help you lessen the guilt of not taking them out while providing them with a recreational tool that they would surely love.

        With this sand, your children can make eight different castles, keeping them busy on your work day. Or you can experiment with crafting something different when you have time. It is a real game to enhance children’s creativity and help you develop a strong bond with your kids.

How can it Enhance a Child’s Developmental Skills

        Moreover, kinetic sand is known to help motor skill development as it requires your kids to touch, pinch, roll, flatten and scoop it. You can encourage academic learning for young minds by making them draw numbers and letters with this sand.

Precautions to Consider

        However, you should avoid giving it to young kids as they can easily put it in their eyes or mouth, causing irritation. Moreover, it might not create any allergies, but children having eczema can face itchiness and blisters on the skin. So, you need to be careful about that.

Why Kinetic Sand is Better Option than Other Toys?

        Compared to beach sand, it is free of worms and doesn’t stick to hands; thus, your kids can have a safer playing option without visiting a beach. Also, it is a better option than plasticine because Kinetic Sand is natural, whereas plasticine is an oil-based product. So, for everyone who supports the environment, plasticine doesn’t even qualify as an alternative.

        Also, this recreational toy set has the capability of triggering new ideas, building perseverance, and helping you develop a bond with your child, unlike some other gift options you might have on the list.

        With all these benefits in this little Sand Box, you must have it in your cart now!

Key Features:

        Endless Opportunity For Creativity – Whether your kids love castles or need to build their favorite cartoon, they are free to use their imagination and bring it to reality.

        Reusable Gift For Your Child – Kinetic Sand is reusable. So, let your kid create everything they want and pack it back when done.

        Comes With Multi-Usage Tools – Molds, cuts, digs, and shovels are part of the Sand Playset to help your kid give life to their imagination.

        Helps In Motor Skill Development – Motor Skills are important for a toddler’s development. This sand lets them exercise these skills in a fun way.

        No-mess Stay-At-Home Activity – The sand is non-messy. You won’t have to do the cleaning drill when kept in the designated area.   Also, there isn’t any need to send your kids anywhere. They can play with their favorite toy at home in front of you.

        Non-Toxic and Safe – This sand is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, wheat, gluten, and casein free, thus offering a safe option for young kids. Present it as a gift, and your kids will love it.

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