Commercial Use Sand Painting Video – Multiple Color

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Willing to make a long-lasting impression on customers? Why don’t you try it all with a sand painting video?
So, please hurry up and email me your requirements, along with the number of video frames you want and the content to include in those videos.
To have your sand painting video more customized, email me images or a link to your website so I can learn more about your company.
The price I have mentioned here is for one video frame (a video frame is an image made of sand). Again if you would like more video frames, please get the equivalent number of this service.

Here's an example of a Halloween promotion that consists of three video frames:

Plan of Action:

Email me your thoughts, photos, and business name at:

You will receive a design draft within 3 days after I get your email.
I will try my best to paint your thoughts into a beautiful sand painting video, but if the draft design isn’t according to your will, I can make amendments for you. I would encourage you guys to write your thoughts under the draft design to get realistic results.
I will make every effort to mold the sand painting just as you have thought.
I advise my customers to inform me about the changes before finalizing a draft design. Once you’ve said you’re happy with the design draft, I will start sand painting as well as the filming process. Once you have finalized your draft, you will get your sand painting video within the span of 7 days.




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