Delicate Sand Painting Video Of Wedding Photo – Multiple Colour

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Everybody wants to make their big day a memorable event. Photographs and albums might often get lost under a pile of documents, but a sand painting will remain intact, reminding you about your romantic event.
To keep your special day memory last forever, I will create a dreamy wedding video of you and your partner using various hues of sand. Don’t worry because I am not asking you to do much here; all you need to do is email me your favorite wedding pictures.
However, one thing you need to understand is instead of a full body photograph, I can only draw the part that is above the chest. Due to the workbench’s size restriction, sand painting can only paint above chest photographs.

Just like this(above chest photograph) :

The final work is like this:

This is the finished video:

If you want subtitles and music for your video, please send them to my email.

I have mentioned the charges exclusively for each wedding photograph, but if you want more than one picture, please order the equivalent number of this service.

Kindly email me your photos at
You will receive your sand painting video within 5 days after I receive your email.
        In contrast to the wedding sand painting video with a story, the delicate photo sand painting doesn’t require a design draft. Instead, I will begin the sand painting and the recording process as soon as I receive your photo in the mail.


If you’re looking for a sand painting video telling your love story rather than a delicate sand painting of your wedding photo, visit this link:

Delicate Sand Painting Video Of Wedding Photo – Multiple Colour


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