Kinetic Sand for Psychotherapy

        40 million US adults are suffering from anxiety disorders. Continuous exposure to stress can lead to long-term health impacts, including fatigue, cardiac problems, and mental illnesses. Are you on the verge of such a situation?

        The triggers of stress are not the same for everyone. Some people get anxious while meeting people; others might be affected by their work life. Also, everyone has a different private life. No matter how great it is, certain factors continue to add fatigue.

        But remember that these times are not permanent, and you’ll get over them soon. Let me tell you my story and how I get over the stress and anxiety. I’ll also share how Kinetic Sand has helped me to cope with it.

Hey! I am Freya Lee

        My name is Freya Lee. I am a professional painter and a full-time mom of two kids, 7-year-old Thomas and 4-year-old Jason. I love them a lot, and they are super lovely.

        I work as a sand painter. I know this is a bit rare, and there is a significant chance that you haven’t heard of it before. You must have heard of the Kinetic Sand that your kids play with. Consider my profession a bigger version of the kid’s recreational sandbox.

Stress Is a Normal Part of Life – You Don’t Need to Panic

        Many people feel their work isn’t as rewarding. Or they have to manage many things at minimal pay. Others might have problems with their kids or family.

My kids are wonderful! But I get anxious when they get sick.

        I understand this is part of life. But you can’t let it get to your nerves every time and make your life challenging.

Do you know what two things give me the most stress? Work and personal life!

My career is awesome, but it requires creativity. It is not necessary that when you work, you produce a masterpiece every time; there are limits. But when I can’t do things as needed, it gives me stress.

        Similarly, my life is nearly perfect with my two kids. But they are naughty, and I find it hard to keep up with their energy and pace while handling my work issues.

Kinetic Sand – A Great Stress Relieving Technique

       I’ve found a great way to release my stress, and that is through kinetic sand. While playing with Kinetic Sand, I felt inner peace.

        The stress and anxiety I used to feel from my daily activities were almost gone. Now, I feel lighter, calmer and relaxed.

        Using it doesn’t require me to involve the logical part of my brain. It lets the brain’s creative side go deep, helping me sort out my worries.           

         Moreover, it feels like my unconscious mind has taken control. Kinetic sand organizes things for me while I indulge in creating new things.


        That’s not all; I figured that it provides me with another medium to express emotions. Thus, the things bothering me inside get a voice through my hands. My inner self feels relieved, just like when I verbally communicate my feelings.

        Basically, this sand gives me a venting mechanism, so everything bothering me comes out, leaving behind the positive energy. Whether it is the stress from my work or personal life, now, I have the solution to resolve everything.

The Exploration Journey – From Kinetic Sand to Sand Painting

        The exploration of the fact that kids’ toys can be a stress reliever for adults was amazing. One day, I was stressed when my kids wanted me to play with them and give them a hand in making the castle they intended to build.

        Initially, I resisted them because I wasn’t in the mood. But after constant insistence, somehow I agreed.

        By putting my hands in the sand and using my creativity to solve the architectural problems with the castle, I almost forgot what I was tense about. It made me live in the present moment, so the other things causing anxiety don’t feel important.

        Molding and squeezing the sand not only gives me satisfaction but also calms my inner being. Besides that, the silky and soft touch of the Kinetic Sand gives a nice soothing feel.

        One of the other astonishing benefits I felt from using Kinetic Sand over time was that it triggered my creativity and presented new perspectives. However, I’ve to remain mindful and not run after creating the perfect models to achieve this advantage.

        That was the day I found that Kinetic Sand is not just a toy for the kids; instead, it is a stress-releasing tool.

With this awareness, I started searching more about Kinetic Sand and found about sand painting. Further exploration led me to adopt it as my career because I was so impressed with the touch and feel of the Kinetic Sand.

        When I got back to my job, I found that I was much more relaxed.A few days ago I was still anxious because I didn’t draw what I thought was the most perfect sand painting, but now I don’t worry anymore, I know that nothing can be perfect, every time I draw a little bit better than the last, I should Happy for that.

Why Do I Recommend Kinetic Sand to Others?

        The benefits I have received from this sand in a short period are commendable. So, I prefer anything beneficial for me should be shared with others.

        You don’t have to believe me entirely for the benefits of Kinetic Sand. Your kids will already have it in their play kit. So, you can just go and see if it works as a stress reliever for you.

        If it does, buy one for yourself too! Don’t forget to buy a new one for your kids too. Or you’ll get into the same fight with your kids you had been trying to resolve amongst the siblings.

Wrapping Up

        Seriously, you must try using Kinetic Sand as a means of psychotherapy. It will make your life significantly less stressful than it actually is.

        Besides, you have to learn to cope with stress. You can use other means like help from a psychologist or other therapies if you feel you cannot handle it. But do not consider living a stressful life a norm. It can create long-term health issues.

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