5 best sand art toys or playsets for kids in 2022

Happy childhood by the sea

        When I grow up, I still miss the games I played as a child. One summer evening, I went to the beach with my friends, the sun was about to set and the wind was blowing, my friend Mia suggested “hey! Let’s make a castle with sand!”

        Then we started a huge project, we built castles, hills, and then dug a canal around it, and when we irrigated the water into the moat, a village that belonged to us was ready.


The reality that worries me

        To this day, I still think back to those happy times many years ago, but look around me, Thomas is playing computer game, he is only 7 years old and already wears thick glasses. Jason, 4 years old, was playing a game of “snow” as he ripped magazines to shreds, he spread them all over the place while standing on the couch, and screamed ” It’s snowing now!”

        I persuaded Thomas to “stop playing video games”, Thomas still stared at the computer “I’m going to win, keep Jason quiet!”

        I went to the couch , try to get Jason to stop, but he immediately jumped off the couch and ran around the house and spread shreds of paper.

        Without a doubt, it was a disastrous day. It all went on and on until one day I saw sand art toys on Amazon and I bought several. When these products arrived at my house, two kids immediately ran to me, “What new toys are these! They look so special!”.

How the Sand playset Saved Me

        That afternoon we did castles, hills, moats together, and I felt like I was back in those evenings by the sea with my friend Mia years ago. Unlike before, I found that my children were more creative than me and Mia, and they used sand to create fairy tales of dwarves and elves, unicorns, Aquaman and his generals. If it wasn’t for this toy, I wouldn’t know they have such a rich imagination.

5 Sand art Toys or playset I Recommend

        Here are 5 of the most popular sand art toys of 2022, and if you want to keep kids away from computer games and inspire their creativity, you can choose from some of the products below .

1,Kinetic Sand Kingdom Playset

        Maybe you want your kids to play with sand, but you don’t live by the sea, maybe you’re stressed out at work and want some relaxation, this toy will be perfect for you.

        You can pull it and shape it without adding water, and your hands will always stay dry. When pressed together, it keeps its shape. It never dries out so you can create again and again. It’s like modeling clay, but when you’re finish playing, your hands won’t get as dirty as playing with clay.

        The sand is non-toxic and free of gluten and casein, so it’s safe to play.

        If you want to buy more sand, here are 4 color booster packs to choose from: brown, purple, blue, pink


(1) The original kinetic sands will make you fell more “melt-y” ,than the rough and tough natural beach sand.

(2) The sand can sticks to itself, you can play without adding water,

(3) It won’t sticking to your hands, it’s easy to clean.


(1) You need to put paper down to play on.The substance in the sand will make the floors become slippery

(2) The pink color sand may stains.

(3) Not suitable for children under 3 as they may accidentally swallow

If you want to read more about this product ,please click here.

2, Kinetic Sand, Construction Site Folding Sandbox

  Kinetic Sand Scents, Ice Cream Treats Playset

        If your kids are addicted to ipad or keep running around all the time make you feel tired , these toy will be perfect for you.

        If your child is a boy, you can buy this Construction Site Folding Sandbox. If your child is a girl, you can buy this Ice Cream Treats Playset. There are a lot of molds in each box, boys can use construction trucks to transport sand and make bricks from sand to build houses, girls can use molds to make cookies and ice cream. They can keep your kids busy for hours and you can have a rest.


(1) Sand is sticky so it can be shaped and not crumble

(2) Easy to clean.When the kids play, the sand will be in the playset instead of all over the place

(3) Children can create different scenes and stories with these playset ,it will stimulate their creativity


(1) There is not much sand in the playset, you need to buy additional booster packs

(2) Not suitable for children under 3 as they may accidentally swallow

3, Kinetic Sand, Sandisfying Set

        If your kids love cooking toys, this product will be perfect for you.

        There are 10 tools and two different colors of sand in this playset.

        Children can play the role of chef and use these tools to make various toy foods from sand such as pasta, dumplings, pizza, noodles…


(1)This playset gives children the opportunity to play role-playing games with sand, which can exercise children’s social skills

(2)This playset keeps kids busy and develops their fine motor skills and imagination.


(1) You need to put paper down to play on.The substance in the sand will make the desks become slippery

(2) When red and blue sand are mixed together, you can’t separate them out. Next time if you only want to play with red or blue sand, you can only repurchase sand booster packs

(3) Younger children need to play under adult supervision, they may consider food made from sand as edible

4, Made By Me Create Your Own Sand Art by Horizon Group Usa

        If you want your child to have more abstract artistic temperament, this toy will be perfect for you.

        This DIY kit contains 6 bottles with different shapes and 8 bags of sand with different colors. Kids can layer and match sand in different colors to create a variety of different artworks.


(1)Sand will be in the bottle instead of all over the place while the kids are playing

(2)It will cultivate children’s perception of color and artistic creativity


(1) This is not sticky sand,so it’s kind of dusty

(2) This higher-level aesthetic activity is more suitable for children over the age of 5, and children who are too young may not be able to complete this artistic creation

5,Kinetic Sand, Amazon Exclusive Treasure Hunt Playset

        If your child is a big fan of adventure and treasure hunting, this toy will be perfect for you.

        In the treasure box,you will find 5 exclusive black gems, the shovel, a pirate sword to slice the sand, an octo-shaper to transform the sand and a roller that rolls secret messages in the sand.


        This toy will greatly satisfy children’s curiosity and make them more courageous to explore new things


        For younger children, they may play with this toy repeatedly. For older children, the freshness will be lost after playing once.

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